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  • Connect Pharmaceutical World——CPhI gathers pharmaceutical world to draw “concentric circles” for the global pharmaceutical and health industry

    On June 17-20, CPhI China 2019 jointly organized by Informa Markets and CCCMPHIE and co-organized by Sinoexpo Informa Markets was held in Shanghai, where Yangtze River flows into the Pacific Ocean.

    According to reports, more than 70,000 visitors and 3,200 exhibitors attended CPhI this year, a remarkable growth of 25% in one year, indicating the increasing influence of CPhI. It also further improves the health standards of the people all over the world and gains partners in pursuit of mutual benefit and win-win development. In these days, we witnessed shaking hands, negotiation, and signing ceremony one after one in the booths, the negotiation rooms, and the conference halls with laughing covered by the applause. Behind every order is not only a simple product sale, but a deep integration of services and technology. Each order covers a long industrial chain, which will promote the development of the whole industry. Each order is a choice, and these choices together outline the future of the pharmaceutical and health industry.


    Mutual integration and connection, and expansion of mutual beneficial cooperation space
    Some overseas exhibitors commended CPhI a window to see the pharmaceutical world. Currently, in the context that the world economy is in profound reform and adjustment and uncertainties have increased, there are still so many overseas buyers and suppliers at CPhI, showing to the world a new record level of global cooperation and win-win development.


    Driven by innovation, and learning from each other to create a new future
    “There is nothing more stimulating to innovation than trade.” This is the deep feeling of many exhibitors.

    Although the frequent economic and trade friction has set off waves to Chinese economy, China has made clear to the world the fundamentals for sound and stable growth of the Chinese economy remain unchanged, the necessary production factors for high-quality development remain unchanged, and the overall momentum of long-term stability and progress remains unchanged.


    Resource flow, and technology and market integrate seamlessly
    As a Chinese saying goes, “all flowers in full blossom make a beautiful spring”. In these days, domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers have jointly drawn a vivid picture of cooperation. The exhibition area of CPhI exceeded 200,000 square meters this year for the first time. CPhI China 2019 has 13 sub-divisions including APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, formulations, CMO/CRO, bio-pharmaceuticals, natural extracts, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical logistics, automation and informatization, etc., providing an integrated professional platform for pharmaceutical companies to optimize the industrial chain layout.



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